Car Stereo Installation

How to install a car stereo for free

Before installing a new car stereo read the instructions that may come with the car stereo. Keep in mind that some cars and systems vary.
This is generally how to install a car stereo.

• The first thing to do is remove the old stereo. Be sure to disconnect a cable from the car battery to avoid short circuiting the system.

• Start removing the trim by unscrewing if there are any and then use a tool to pry it off, there might be several pieces. Then disconnect any wires from the stereo and the car. A tip is to take a picture of the cables for reference later on.

• Start removing the stereo from the car. There might be screws still in place you can easily to unscrew them. Some other cars may need a radio removal tool that you can get in most auto part stores. This tool is more common for Ford Vehicles. With these keys you insert them infant of the stereo and push it in until the stereo starts to loosen, then pull the stereo out.

• Now when the stereo is loose unplug all the wires connected and maybe take a photo.

• Once that is gone plug in the new stereo with the wires. It should be easy to mach the wires to the plugs. Connect the rest of the wires and test the car stereo. 

• The few last steps is to push the stereo in to place and fasten any screws then put the trim back.

• Make sure everything is in place and secure then try the stereo again. 

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