9 Steps Carpet Installation

Carpet installation for free

This is the process of installing a carpet.

1. The first step is to take accurate measurement off the floor in square footage. After this you can order the carpet you want with 10-20% more than you need to make sure the floor will be covered. You’ll also need tools like edging, adhesive and tack strips.
2. The subfloor should be clean, even and free from cracks. Remove any kinds of doors in that area. Make sure you check the carpet manufacture recommendation for mounting baseboard. When the subfloor is ready move to the next step.
3. The third step is to install the carpet tack strips two thirds the thickness of the carpet between the wall and the strips. Nail the strips to the floor. If its installed on concrete use other tacks like epoxy adhesive to attach the strips to the floor.
4. Install the carpet padding in the frames of the tack strips and not over them.
5. Measuring accuracy is very important and when you cut the carpet use a sharp blade.

6. Lay down the carpet leaving 3 inches of extra carpet then secure the seams and place heavy objects so the seams with adhesive can dry.
7. Push and hook the carpet on the tack strips With a carpet trimmer and trim the excess carpet.
8. To the opposite wall stretch the carpet and hook it to the tack strips and trim the excess. Repeat this to the remaining walls.
9. Place carpet transition strips at thresholds and seal the edges of the carpet with a seam sealer.

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