URL Shortener

What are the best URL shortener services?

And what are the dangers of using a URL shortening service?

Can you really trust shortener services like bit.ly (bitly)

tinyurl, ow.ly rebrandly, clickmeter etc?

Url shortening is the technique of using shorter links than your actual one and redirect to your actual link destination url.

Here are my analysis of URL shortening of links online:

When you use URL shortener, use always the most famous ones and make a

really due diligent research on them online to make sure they are legit.

The risk of using a “shady” url service, is that they can steal your visitors/traffic and redirect your customers anywhere they want.

Also there is a risk this company is sold or similar and stop their service and all

your links will go bust and all your efforts will be meaningless.

Also many people hesitate to click a link that does not have it´s original link,

they don´t feel it is secure, it can be sued by criminals such as phishing etc.


So there are many disadvantages of using a 3d party URL service.

Really, the best solution is to use your own URL link shortener software, then

you are in full control of your links and secure.

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