Typing Speed Test


To see how fast you can type, simply take a free online typing test. These test measures how many words you can type per minute (WPM).

Usually in these typing speed tests you might choose a text or you are given random words depending on the typing test site and then write that text or the words as fast as you can during one minute, the test will calculate your WPM. The average is around 40 WPM, some jobs require a minimum typing speed and other jobs may require a higher minimum of the average typing speed.

Typing have many benefits. The more you practice typing and the typing speed test the better and faster you can type without too many errors. You can save a lot of time work that requires  any typing. The more comfortable you are typing the more your attention and focus is on the actual work you’re doing than turning the attention on the typing errors and on correcting them.

Not only can you take just the speeding test but also practice and compete with other in these typing test sites. A few free online typing speed tests are: typingtest.com, keyhero.com, 10fastfingers.com, thetypingcat.com, livechatinc.com and TheTypingSpeedTest.COM

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