Purple’s Hybrid Premier Mattress Made Me a Better Sleeper

I used to be bad at sleeping. I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, but staying asleep for the whole eight hours (okay, like six-ish), was almost unheard of for me no matter the pillow or mattress or comforter I tried. That is, until I welcomed the Purple Hybrid Premier into my home. This hybrid mattress has changed my opinion about mattresses for good.

To put it into perspective, to combat the horrific, fire-proof mattresses in my college dorm, I added an egg crate-style topper, a 3” thick plush topper, and a pillow top cover to strap it all in. If I could, I would sleep on a mattress made out of dozens of fluffy pillows all stacked on top of each other. The idea of sleeping on a mattress with springs in it and so close to my body scared me. And now, I cannot imagine sleeping on anything else. Plus, the Purple sheets add another layer of comfort that is completely unique to the brand.

The way you sink into the specially-designed Purple grid is unlike any mattress I’ve slept on. You can physically feel your body being cradled by the dynamic grid, without it feeling stiff or hot like a lot of memory foam mattresses. It’s also made with thousands of open air channels so you sleep cooler. The bounciness of the springs also makes it ideal for people like me that toss and turn at night. Previously, the density of the memory foam of my Casper wasn’t something I had noticed, until I realized just how easy it was to sit up or change positions on the Purple.

The unique formula of the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress is unlike other hybrid mattresses out there. It has a layer of reactive springs, a 1” layer of memory foam, and then a layer of Purple’s patented grid technology. You can choose 3” or 4” of grid (I went for 3” but could’ve gone up to 4”). It’s somehow squishy and firm at the same time, which helps when you have someone like me who wants to be buried in a cloud of fluff and my boyfriend who prefers firm beds. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

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