Where to Download Free VPN

If you’re looking for a way to connect to networks from wherever you happen to be, you can use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to get this kind of Internet access. Lots of corporations have managed to benefit from VPNs, and individual users similarly use the same VPNs, more or less, to gain proportional benefits for themselves. Anytime users plan to configure a VPN, they usually do so to connect to printers on home networks or simply access certain files while they aren’t at home. VPNs are useful for more than this, though, because they encrypt data when they transfer it across the Internet, and this means that information remains protected while sending by way of a VPN. One thing that people like to do, though, is not just connect to existing VPNs but set up their own based on free VPN downloads.


VPN Server Downloads


Many people find it necessary to not just download VPN server setups but specifically to download them for third-party programs. They download the VPN program that serves their purposes, and they have loads of options to choose from as far as available programs are concerned. You find them online, and most of what you’ll come across, of course, are paid services like HideMyAss.Com and ExpressVPN; however, it isn’t difficult to come across free versions of several of them or independent VPNs that are only offered for free. These tend to give you about four or five connection lines to work with, and the average personal user has no trouble with this. If you are working with any type of iOS device, you can rely on Hamachi or iVPN.


Obviously, you’ll have to install the program that you select, and when you’re trying to establish your private network effectively, you’ll want to properly configure the server on whatever computer is ordinarily connected at all times. This is because—say you’re running Hamachi on said computer—the program requires you to click on the blue power icon in order to launch. From that point forward, the computer should remain powered on. You can, then, use the Network menu to choose the “create a new network” option; at which point, you’ll be prompted to name the network. Make sure the password you associate with it is strong.


At this point, you need only install the program on the computers that you’re planning to connect to the VPN as well. You can connect each computer on which you install the program by clicking “Join an existing network” up to however many connections you’ve been allotted.


VPN Server Downloads for Windows OS


The first course of action is to configure your router when you’re ready to begin setting up your VPN server on a Windows operating system. Something this entails is opening a port that points from your router to the IP address of the VPN host computer’s. Next, you enter the IP address of your router into your web browser’s address bar. The most likely series of digits to look for when trying to identify these IP addresses is You might need to also look for the manual that came with your router for whatever additional details you need.


Navigate to the section for port forwarding after entering the router’s IP address into the browser’s so that you can label virtual servers. Afterward, establish a random series of numbers as the external port like 25432 and make a forwarding entry for a new port. Then, you need the internal port to be set to 1723 to forward it toward the port for the IP address of the computer operating the VPN server.


Finally, open up the Network Connections window, click Alt so that you can pull up the menu bar, and then, decide which users can connect to the VPN. You’ll need to click “Through the Internet” to decide whether or not you want to share files. Then, just copy the computer’s name and check the VPN connection.

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