VPN Services You Can Trust

Lots of sites are out there offering all sorts of virtual private networks (VPNs), inviting users to engage with each other. Some of these sites should be distinguished from one another, but they are all very different from the quotidian interactions that users usually have with each other on the Internet. When it comes to VPNs, users aren’t solely relying on forums or the regular instant messaging formats that social media networks provide; instead, these users are typically too concentrated on preserving their privacy to go that route. This is why, in the interest of protecting said privacy, they use VPNs to facilitate the communication methods and data transfers that they make on the Internet, and the sites that they visit to acquire these services are sometimes suspect. Below are just a few that have trustworthy reputations.




A fairly popular virtual private network for many users, operating since 2009, is VyperVPN, and despite only being launched in 2009, it was technically established in 1994 by Golden Frog, an Internet freedom advocacy organization. VyperVPN is known for being intuitive, rapid, and trustworthy with its service, which encompasses a wide variety of features that many users find valuable with regard to securing privacy for their communiqués.


VyperVPN hosts a network that holds as many as 700 servers spread out all over six continents, spanning 64 individual countries. These servers hold 200,000 IP addresses, and VyperVPN uses them for server switches to give you anonymity; moreover, they thrive on unmetered bandwidth. VyperVPN also uses several different encryption protocols, and they give many users yet another reason to buy in due to a 30-day guarantee that they’ll get their money back.




This is a much more well-known network than VyperVPN, and the virtual private network they provide yields a service that concentrates on better connection rates and customer support. ExpressVPN also claims that they have the easiest-to-use VPN interface and setup on the market in addition to other features. The servers they use are ubiquitous, numbering far more than VyperVPN and extending to be planted in more than 100 cities and nearly as many countries in the process. Their users get state-of-the-art security as well as privacy, but they use 256-bit encryption, too. This is great for reinforcing their promise of users benefitting from their logless browsing.


One of the best features that ExpressVPN is known to offer users, though, is one that it has in common with VyperVPN, which is unmetered bandwidth, and this goes a long way with users because of the simplicity of the configuration for ExpressVPN users in spite of it. This means that users can rest assured that their connection speeds are faster than they would ordinarily be with the majority of ExpressVPN’s competitors, and this is why ExpressVPN’s reputation exceeds them.




NordVPN is used by millions of users and preferred by a great many who have experience with multiple VPN services, and they’ve been able to build this reputation for over a decade. Theirs is a site that supply many users who are characterized as civilians with what they call military-grade protection. They are one of the top-notch VPN sites no matter what kind of classification is placed on the protection they provide because of how widespread their usage actually is. The servers they use are technically under the legal jurisdiction of Panama, and this matters because, as many users who are so caught up on privacy know, the government of Panama doesn’t enforce any retention legislation. As a result, users are assured of their online activity legitimately not being stored or logged by NordVPN servers, which is the primary concern of those who seek privacy from paid VPN services. Many of them fear that VPN services are untrustworthy in this regard, but NordVPN genuinely has no motive to betray them.

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