My Documents

A document on a computer is primarily a textual computer file, that includes different fonts, colors, size, structure of the format, spacing and layout as well as symbols and images. Document can vary greatly by customizing. Through a document history, opinion, creativity and thoughts can be expressed through a simple document.

Documents can be classified in secret, private or public. Standard documents can be used in various fields such as academia for thesis and journal. Media for script, ideas and mock-up. In business such as report, proposal, contract, user guide and nondisclosure agreement (NDA). The government and law use documents such as certificate, license and form.

We have on our computers a folder called My documents or only Documents if the language is in English. This folder is a place to store personal files. To find Documents in Windows go to Start Menu, This PC, and there you will find Documents. To find documents on a MacBook go to Finder on the desktop lower/side icon bar, documents should be found on the left side. On most phones there is an app called My Files (or a similar name) to store your document files, but also image, audio and video files. Downloaded files on your smartphone should be stored and found on, My Files.

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