Find My Device


Oh you can´t find your device right?
There are actually a few services for find my device. Google offers Find My Device for android users. Find mu phone or similar names is given by different manufactures for smartphones. Where the user of the phone can find the location of the lost phone if it’s switched on. Microsoft offers a similar service and so does Apple and Google.

The application may have some limitation depending on the country and on the phones. Apps are available to all devices paid and for free.

Google’s Find My Device, is used to be able to find, lock or erase your device, the device must have Find My Device turned on, location turned on, the device must also be turned on, be connected to wi-fi or mobile data and signed in to a google account. Once you use Find My Device, you can choose to lock the device with your password. If it’s lost and someone finds it you can add a message or phone number on the lock screen for them to be able to contact you. You have the choice to delete all data on your device, after it’s erased Find My Device won’t work on that device anymore. You can also make your phone ring at full volume even if it’s on silent.

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