The Ad Blocker

Why do you want to block ads?
Here are a few reasons why you really should install an adblock extension
on your computer/laptop or as an app on your cell phone phone to filter or not show ads
at all.

First, the advertiser will not be able to track you and your behavior in order
to store information and track your shopping and browser behavior.

Second, you can focus on the real content of the site and not be fooled
by that some ads is the actual content on the site you are visiting.
third, you will save data transfer not viewing ads since loading ads requires transfer.
fourth, you are able to browse the content faster since there are less content to load on site.
fifth, you are better protected that a third party advertiser would spy or hit you with malicious

And here comes a few reasons why you should not install an adblock for your browsing,may it be
chrome, internet explorer, firefox, safari or on your phone like ios or android.
So first, you may really miss out “good” ads. Maybe there are some nice discount offers that
you could benefit from, or a new exiting site you would not have found otehr than by visiting
their ad.
third, the ad block extension or software could be malicious itself and hit you with ads 🙂

Now about 45million americans are using adblocker, but stilla advertising growing!
Adblock plus is a popular ad blocker you will find some more sites.

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